Thursday, July 25, 2019

Activity Sheet for Kids for "Come, Follow Me" (Acts 16-21)

I guess I don't have very many people who look at this blog anymore, but since I'm making these activity sheets every week anyway, I guess I'll keep publishing them here.    Hopefully someone out there will enjoy using them in their families or classes.   

In the meantime, our family is moving to Pennsylvania this week!   We've lived here in the DC area for 20+ years, so this is a HUGE move for our family.    We are a little nervous, sad to be leaving somewhere where our roots run so deep, but also excited for a fresh start somewhere new.

I hope you all are enjoying  your summer! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Come, Follow Me Activity Sheet for Kids -- Acts 10-15 (July 15-21)

Did you enjoy last week's sheet?       My kids are older now, but love these little activity pages as a Come, Follow Me review each week.   

Let me know if your kids have types of activities they'd like included.    Or if there's something I can do to make them easier to print and use.  

Hope you're having a marvelous summer!  💖

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Come, Follow Me Kids' Activity Page (Acts 6-9)

I've been making and physically sharing these activity sheets to go along with the Come, Follow Me lesson each week. My kids (even though they're teens) have been enjoying them as a fun review each week and the kids in my ward seem to enjoy them as a sacrament activity.  

I've been in the middle of moving for what seems like forever, and I feel disconnected with the blogging world, but I've decided to try posting them here as well.    

Let me know if your families/classes enjoy them too!