Monday, February 11, 2013

YW Divine Nature Activity

NEW:   Click here to see the final day's envelope. (the rest are listed below)

Based on an idea I saw here, I wanted to make a special activity for the young women in our ward to help them to understand their great worth and divine nature.  I decided to link it to the lesson, "Who am I and who can I become?"  At the end of the lesson, I distributed a manila envelope to each girl filled with 8 individual envelopes to open on consecutive days.  I encouraged them to open them at quiet moments when they could devote a few minutes to reading it and writing in their journal afterward. 

Each envelope had a special message inside along with an encouraged action to complement the message....usually writing in their journals.  It ended up being a meaningful experience for me to put together, as well as a special activity for the girls.  I was really touched by some of the comments I heard from the girls and their parents.   I think the younger girls were a little more excited than the older ones, but I  figure if it touched even one of their hearts then it was a worthwhile expenditure of my time. 

Click here to read what I included in the envelopes  for days 1-7 (day 8 will be included in a separate post).   I was a little sad that my fun fonts and formatting did not transfer from Word to Google Docs, but you should be able to copy and paste it into your own Word document and make it your own.  Please note that a couple of the days include notes that share personal experiences.  You'll definitely want to change those up and make them your own.   Additionally, I personalized it wherever I could and tried to use their names as much as possible.   

Materials Needed (per person):
*8 envelopes
*one pencil
*printed notes  (find the link here, noting that you'll have to tweak at least Days 5 & 7 and  make them your own)
* a YW divine nature cootie catcher (see below)
*any desired embellishments to beautify the paper and/or envelopes

Here is the YW value cootie catcher included in Day 3's envelope.  Simply right click on the image, copy it, then paste it into a Word document and adjust it to the size you desire before printing.  Please note that it needs to be square shaped in order to fold properly.   See this demo for how to fold a cootie catcher, keeping in mind that you can skip the first three steps of the demo. 

And lastly here's a recap of the Personal Progress requirements they can pass off if they do each of the days' activities. 

Monday:  Individual Worth #3 or Good Works (write-in)
Tuesday:  Individual Worth #7
Wednesday:  Knowledge #3
Thursday:  Individual Worth #1
Friday:  Individual Worth #4 or Faith (write-in) 

Day 8 was a little too much include in this post, so I've made another post about it.  Find it HERE!

Here's a sneak peek