Monday, April 18, 2011

Take an Easter Walk with Jesus

Take an Easter Walk with Jesus”walk outside, and find and place the following items in a bag while you talk more about Jesus’ atonement.  We do this early in the day as a prelude to an Easter  family home evening.  

A BRANCHa week before his crucifixion, as Christ entered the city, the people waved branches from palm trees

SOMETHING PRICKLYhis “crown” was made of thorns

A PIECE OF WOODfor it was out of wood his cross was made

SOMETHING NO LONGER ALIVEfor the Savior truly died

WHITE LINEN (may need to find this at home) Christ was wrapped in white linen before being placed in the tomb

A STONE it was a huge stone at the opening of the tomb that the angel removed
SOMETHING LIVINGto remind us that Christ surely lives.  He died and was resurrected. 

 Some of the beautiful sights we saw along the way that gave us the opportunity about the beauty of God's creations. 

Here is one of my kids' collections from the walk. 

My kids really wanted our dog, Rocky, to be the living thing they found as part of the walk. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Coloring Book: with Scenes from Jesus' Earthly Life

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This is a printable Easter coloring book featuring scenes of Jesus Christ's life on earth. The story of Easter is told simply at a young child's level, with a coloring page to accompany the text.

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Easter Coloring Book: with Scenes from Jesus' Earthly Life

This is just a random visual aid that I had, that could be used for retelling the Easter story or for a quiet activity to keep in a church bag. 

Easter Tomb

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Self-Control Mobile

Okay, it isn't Monday anymore, but since I had all my kids home from school yesterday, early Tuesday is all I could do.  :)

This is a mobile to hang in your house of this wonderful quote about developing our characters.  It's a powerful quote and would go perfectly with a FHE lesson on self-control, developing habits, or character development.   Or it would make a great basis for a family home evening itself, as you talk about each aspect of the quote. 

“Thoughts become words, words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character.”

Coming soon....some fun Easter stuff. 

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