Monday, February 8, 2016

YW in Excellence with a Nautical Theme

I was just going through old pictures and came across these pictures from our YW in Excellence program this past fall.  In keeping with "Embark in the Service of God"  from last year's mutual theme, we decorated in a nautical theme.  

See below for some of our pictures and ideas:  

We dressed as cruise ship directors. 

We decorated the lobby to look like an entrance to a cruise ship.

We served nautical theme foods (that also happen to be super easy to make):

We have 33 girls in our YW program, so the only space big enough for us was the gym.  We used portable chalkboards to partition off the back half, then decorated the one half to look like a cruise ship.

All posters and  decorations were made by the girls at a mutual activity before YWIE.

 These posts were made from painted shipping tubes, cardboard, and paper chains.  The life preservers were made with posterboard and cardstock.

The girls also rolled these cute silverware place settings.

This mural was purchased.

It was a great night and although the girls helped make all the decor, they were definitely still wowed when they walked in the door and saw it all come together.