Monday, November 1, 2010

Jesus Christ in the Americas: Scripture Story with Flannel Board Figures

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It's been a fun, but very busy weekend here at our house.  Adam's baptism day was on Saturday which brought family from near and far to join in for the occasion.  It was a beautiful day, both weather-wise and spiritual-wise.  Later that night was our ward's fall festival which brought me to baking pies, cooking soup, and baking cornbread most of the afternoon.  Sunday morning dawned early with a happy little 10-year-old very excited about her Halloweeny birthday.  It was another jam-packed day squeezing in our church callings, Emma's birthday festivities, a big family dinner, and answering the doorbell for the few trick-or-treaters that came our way (only about 12-15 or so). 

Our family has started heading home today and I'm already sad about the "quiet" that's creeping back into our house.  Not that it's really quiet or anything, but the silly Grandpa teasing and the ensuing giggles are quieted.  The conversations with Grandma while snuggling on her lap are gone.  They barely left and we're missing them already. 

Because of the crazy weekend and the fact that the kids are off of school today and tomorrow, today I'm posting another scripture story, which are much less time-consuming to pull together than the full lessons are.  This story and visuals are one one that my friend, Jen Johnson (she moved to Dallas a few years ago and I still miss her), compiled.  I love the fun, whimsical visuals that accompany it (I think the visuals might be from Val Chadwick Bagley). 

Hope your autumn and Halloween festivities have been fun
(and only a little spooky)!!!

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Jesus in the Americas Scripture Story with Flannel Board Figures                                                            

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Nicole said...

Thanks to you I got all my devotionals laminated! Thank you so much! Your blog looks amazing! Who did it?

melissa said...

thank you thank you! I look forward to using this!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hi Lara - Thanks for the Gratitude/Thanksgiving lesson...I linked to you today in my post!