Monday, October 25, 2010

"Fruits of the Spirit" FHE Lesson

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 The concept of this lesson--to teach family members how to differentiate between the fruits of the spirit and the fruits of the devil--is fairly simple in and of itself, but teaching them how to apply the concept to their lives is an invaluable skill to learn (and the part I struggled to convey effectively in the outline).  It is my hope that the lesson will help them to learn to look at the fruits of the spirit (or vice versa) in choosing with whom they associate, in recognizing the example that they're setting on a day-to-day basis, and in trying to align their lives more in tune with the fruits of the spirit.  

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Fruits of the Spirit FHE Lesson                                                            

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melissa said...

thank you very much! Last Saturday I finally brought out the Noah's Ark story that you put together and I'm very excited to use that with the kids today. There was a new song in the September Friend "Noah's Ark" that is a really great song and so I am excited to tie these all together. Thank you for all your efforts and time!!