Monday, June 7, 2010

Honor Thy Father FHE Lesson (Perfect for Father's Day)

This fun lesson about honoring dad is one we've enjoyed many times over the past few years!  I love that this lesson mixes fun activities with the important concept of showing honor and respect as well.  My kids love putting together the big daddy puzzle and have used it for primary talks several times.    

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Honor Thy Father FHE Lesson (Perfect for Father's Day)                                                            

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melissa said...

Thank you! We ended up doing the FHE lesson "love at home" (an absolute necessity today lol!) and it was a huge success! Both girls were thrilled with the "heart attack" and immediately got to work doing several kind things afterwards. the best part?? usually it's a fight at the end with who can say the prayer if both girls want to... well today both girls called out that they wanted to say the prayer... well my 4 year old paused and then said to her 6 year old sister "you can say the prayer Brianna"... maybe not a big deal to anyone else but over here it is HUGE for my 4 year old to step back and let someone else take that turn she wants!! so thank you for another great FHE!