Monday, May 31, 2010

Reading the Scriptures FHE Lesson

This is another lesson that I felt inspired to share here.  This lesson is for teaching our families the importance of reading the scriptures regularly.  I feel like when we, as a family, make the efforts that we do to do something as time consuming as reading the scriptures together daily, I want my family to understand why we do it.  I also feel like this lesson is great when we need a little motivation to stay on target.   

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Reading the Scriptures FHE Lesson                                                            

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dad-mom said...

I am sure this is inspired. A member of our Stake Presidency spoke Sunday and said that the strongest predictor of people remaining active in the Church is whether or not they have daily personal scripture study. This is particularly true of youth.

Holly said...

Scripture study is such a simple act that does not take away much of our day, but so many forget to do.

K said...

When is your new post going up Lara? I am anxiously waiting.

melissa said...

thank you for this lesson. last Monday we used your FHE lesson on "Friendship" that I had printed out weeks ago and forgotten about and had a great time with that! I love love love these lessons!

Julie said...

Lara, you are my hero! When I decided I wanted to teach a lesson on studying the scriptures, I knew I could come here and find not just any old lesson, but something that would keep my kids engaged while really teaching what I'm hoping to get across. And, it saves me TONS of time to be able to print out everything including the song!! Thank you so much!!