Monday, May 10, 2010

Teaching Kids About Sex From a Gospel Perspective (FHE Lesson)

First off, I have to say that I firmly believe that teaching kids about sex is not a one time deal.  In this sex saturated day and age, we need to have an open line of communication with our children, so that they are not afraid to come to us when they have questions.   This lesson, in my opinion, is a conversation starter.  It's a way to teach the basics from a positive, gospel perspective and to let our kids know that we're not afraid to talk about a sensitive subject.  

This lesson was one I received in a FHE exchange group several years ago.  I was totally amazed that someone would tackle such a weighty topic, but I've been forever grateful that she did.  It has been such an excellent resource for our family and it's by far my most lent out lesson. 

First thing you need to do (after you print out the lesson) is order this book from Amazon (or check it out from the library):

The Wonderful Way That Babies Are Made
(If you store your lessons in manila envelopes like I do, I love that this book is perfectly sized to slip right inside.  That means it's out of sight from the kids and is always easily accessed when we need it.)
This book teaches about sex from a Christian (but non-LDS) perspective and is filled with beautiful illustrations.  My favorite part about this particular book is that there are two levels to it:  On each page you'll find larger print with text geared towards younger children (under 8), while the smaller text is more detailed and thorough information meant for older kids (8+).  

The lesson outline provides the background and the gospel perspective on sex while the book is where the details of sex will be shared.

Also included in the lesson are guidelines for determining proper timing of discussions and a recommend resource page for books and articles.  

Click here for an index of my other ready-to-print FHE lessons (with more every Monday). 

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Teaching Kids About Sex FHE Lesson PDF                                                            

Here's a link to another great resource from my friend Jocelyn over at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ with a very cute printable booklet on the subject! 



Meeks said...

This is so topical right now for me! I have been talking to friends (non-LDS)who have had to tackle this topic recently, and LDS friends with young children who are planning to be open about it once their kids get a bit older. It left me thinking...what the heck am I going to do...and what the heck am I going to say?!?! Thanks for the point in the right direction ;)

Annette said...

No blushing here, thanks for the info. I have a curious kid who keeps asking follow up questions.

K said...

Can I just fly you out to teach my kids this lesson Lara?

melissa said...

I agree with K! This is a topic that I haven't a clue how to introduce but this lesson seems like a good place to start. Is there much of a difference between the older version of the book or do you just recommend the most recent version?

Christi Williams said...

I think this is great! Thank you for sharing and helping other parents understand how important this is. Our children are being exposed and hearing things all the time. Being a Mom of many (9), I think this a great start but I have also found that there needs to always be an open dialogue, not just one big lesson. Your children need to feel they can share their thoughts and feelings and ask questions. :-)
Stopping by from MMB

Katie said...

I found your blog through a blog search and am SO thankful for it. I recently found out that my 8 year old knows a little too much on the subject. (ugh!) I am not sure where she learned it and therein lies the problem.

Thank you for this FHE lesson. Some very good and informative info!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information you posted. I have the belief that if we do not teach our children about chastity someone else will. I know the LORD will hold me accountable if I do not teach my children correct principles.

I ordered the book "The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made" to help in the instruction of my children.