Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"The Nativity Song" Printable Posters

My husband has been serving as the primary chorister in our ward for about the past year.  It's a calling he was surprised to receive, but  one that he has enjoyed immensely.  As I'm usually the one in the house doing the cutting and pasting, it's been fun for me to see him use the creative side of his brain in his preparations each week.  

The primary kids are singing "The Nativity Song" in sacrament meeting next week and he thought it would be fun if the children had signs they could hold up during the song.  We wanted to make sure that the visuals were LDS approved, since they were being shown in sacrament meeting.  The pictures (all except the stable) came from the December 2004 Friend magazine.  Below you will find them cropped and enlarged  to fit onto a standard 8.5x11-inch sheet of paper.  ( Make sure you print them the highest quality that your printer will allow.) He decided that that still wasn't quite as large as he'd hoped, so we took the printed pages to Staples and had them color copied and enlarged 155% to fit onto an 11x17-inch sheet of paper (98 cents per copy).   

 He then mounted the pictures onto posterboard and hot glued them to wooden stakes that he got at Home Depot.   Duct tape would probably also work.  

Enlarged that big the picture quality wasn't quite as clear as it ideally would be, but it was definitely still good enough to see from across the chapel. 
All in all, he was pleased with how they turned out and I couldn't resist sharing it here to save  other choristers a little work next time they sing this great Christmas song!  Enjoy! 


Molly said...

Thank you for sharing. I hope you dont mind me sharing this on the LDS primary choristers Facebook page. It was too cute not to.

Lara said...

Of course I don't mind sharing! It was my hope in posting it in the first place that it would save other people some work! Now I need to find that Facebook page to recommend to my husband!