Monday, April 1, 2013

Baptism Candy Bar Note

I can't take any credit for this candy bar note whatsoever, but I thought it was so cute when the primary presidency presented it to my daughter at her baptism this past weekend, that I wanted to remember it for the future.  They attached everything with rolled up packing tape and used a sharpie to cross off the part of the title of the candy  that wasn't applicable to the message.  It was a perfect, inexpensive, fun little baptism gift with a great message.   It would be perfect for  primary presidencies or for anyone looking to give a little something special to someone who is getting baptized! 

Congratulations! We are so proud of YORK decision today.  You know baptism in more than a FUNDIP in the water.  It is an EXTRA special covenant between you and Heavenly Father.  This promise will bring you so much ALMOND JOY.  You also received the gift of the Holy Ghost today.  Use it MOUNDS so you can always know how to FRUIT CHEWS the right.  It is UP2U to keep your covenant.  You shine like a STARBURST! 
The Primary

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