Monday, July 26, 2010

Priesthood FHE Lesson

I think that teaching children the significance of priesthood authority is invaluable. It's one of the main things that sets our church apart from others and I believe that having a testimony of this concept is going to be a huge strength for children and teens as they navigate the waters of doubts and questions that will be thrown their way.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach about the restoration of the priesthood, the priesthood offices and responsibilities, and the blessings obtained through the keys of the priesthood. If you have a Gospel Art Kit, you may opt to not print pages 4-5, 10-16. I thought they were valuable enough to include in the lesson, but you could definitely save yourself some printer ink if you already have them.

Here's a link to a Priesthood quiz:

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The Priesthood FHE Lesson

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melissa said...

I was very excited when the mailman came today and brought me the ink for my printer! we've been inkless for the past week and now I'm so excited to be able to print out another one of your awesome lessons! I'll be right over to use your laminator (kidding!!) FHE just wasn't the same this week :)

Thank you!