Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Commandments FHE Lesson

Due to Verizon's complete ineptitude at providing reliable internet service to us, I will not be able to publish the General Conference lesson as previously promised.   Barring anymore unforeseen difficulties I will strive to have the lesson up for next week. In the meantime if you have a good ISP you could recommend to us, we'd highly appreciate it.  2 weeks with slow/sometimes non-existent internet is getting old quickly!

This lesson on the 10 Commandments is the last of my back-up lessons I had saved for a crazy day and today definitely qualifies us for crazy day status.   I like this lesson because it teaches us about the history of the 10 commandments AND how they relate to us in modern day.  My kids love the participation story and I love the matching game where they get to match the ancient commandment to a way they can live it today.

Click here to see my other ready-to-print FHE lessons!  As always feel free to email me at if you have any troubles downloading/printing these lessons.  I'd be happy to email the PDF files to you.

Ten Commandments FHE Lesson


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melissa said...

I don't know how to set it up so that I get the updates from you but figured I would check today since it is FHE! Thank you for another awesome lesson!!


ps you really should consider Mt. Vernon, it is awesome. I'm fortunate though, 3 of my kids were free!!