Monday, December 7, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor FHE Lesson

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I've had a lot of people comment to me over the years that family home evenings don't work so well in their house.   They say their kids are too young, or too hyper, or too old, or too busy, or whatever, so they just stop trying.   Everytime I hear this I am saddened to think of the joy that they are missing out on.

While a perfectionist by nature, I learned a long time ago that perfection in this effort isn't really attainable.  As much as I would like to have 30-minute-long lessons with my perfectly attentive children actively participating in engaging discussions, it's just never happened.  Instead, my children squirm, try to do their homework, or even worse, fight, during the lessons.  Sometimes we barely get five minutes in before we have a quick closing prayer and send them to bed in frustration, but despite our frustrations week after week we keep on trying hoping that something important will sink in here or there eventually.

Fatigue and busyness are hurdles that we all face, but like Elder Bednar taught us at our last conference it's  "the consistency of our intent and work [that is]perhaps the greatest lesson...."

Whew!  Consistency seems so much more attainable than perfection!


If you haven't been able to tell by now all my lessons have some similarities.  I like to start off with something fun or memorable, then relate an applicable scripture story, then engage them in some other enrichment ideas to really illustrate the topic in action.    My kids absolutely love the silly, "What are Neighbors For?" story in this lesson and I feel like it gets the lesson off on a fun foot leading into a very important topic about loving your neighbors.

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Love Thy Neighbor FHE Lesson                                                                                                                                            


K said...

Thanks for posting this lesson Lara!

JenJ said...

Can I start a "Lara is the best" club??? !!!
AWESOME that you are teaching Cami how to cook in such a way that she can whip out apple walnut pancakes!!! Oh how I am lacking in that area with my cute girls who would love to cook more!!!

And WAY cool that you are putting all these lessons up. You told me how and I still haven't started trying it yet. I think it is the scanning that stops me. I haven't done it in a long time and it is always sort of confusing to me. But maybe in January.!!!!! Can't wait to see which one you put up for Christmas!!!

Charlene said...

thanks for the lessons!! I too, appreciate Elder Bednars talk on consistency!