Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Print Temple Names on FamilySearch

Have you been doing family history work and want to know how to print off the names you've found to take to the temple?     

Here are step-by-step directions for you:   

1.   Go to   

2.  Click on the "Sign In" button.  

Sign in using your LDS log-in info.  

Click on  the "Temple" tab.     

In the pull-down menu click on "All Reserved"

This is what it will look like:  

Go to the "Ordinance" button and select the ordinances that you want to print off.  In our case we were wanting to print some off for the kids' upcoming temple trip, so we selected only those who needed baptisms.  

Now all of the names needing baptisms will be listed at the top.  

Select (by checking the box) the names that you would like to print off  

Go to the print button and select "Print Family Ordinance Cards"

This screen will pop up and you will need to click "Continue". 

Click "continue" again.  

You should now see this page, from which you can just use your browser's "Print" function (from the pull-down menu on "File").   If you don't see this page, look in another tab or in your download section.  On my computer it was in another tab. 

And now you have these cards that you just need to cut out!   

VOILA!   You're all ready to take your own names to the temple!  

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