Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Printable Georgetown Photo Scavenger Hunt

In the summertime, it's fun to mix things up and have a mutual activity that we wouldn't normally be able to do on a school night.  My Laurels decided that an excursion to Georgetown would be just the ticket for our last summer mutual before our stake's family friendly month kicked in.  We'd explore a little together, then get a treat.    I researched at length to find a pre-made scavenger hunt that we could use as our framework for exploring,  but all I could find were hunts created by tour companies that charged for them.  So I decided to create one myself and share it here on the blog....easily printable and totally free!    Perfect for youth groups, families, and tourists!    

We  just had a great time just exploring Georgetown together, but  for larger groups you could split into teams and add a competitive element to it.   Either way, this would  make for a fun family home evening activity for YSAs or families with older kids in the DC area.      Have fun!    

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