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Missionary Trivia Game and Letter Writing Activity

I created this letter writing activity and missionary trivia game for a YM/YW combined activity about missionaries.   It turned out well and I think the youth genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to show support to the missionaries in this way. There were some very sweet notes written and I know that the missionaries will be thrilled with their shower of letters.  I'm thinking we might try to do something similar a couple of times a year. 

This activity could also be easily adapted into a FHE lesson. 

Opening prayer:

Opening song:  "Called to Serve" and/or "I Hope they Call Me on a Mission"

Welcome/Brief intro to the night:

Trivia Game (see game below):    I had the trivia questions printed onto two sheets of paper and had the YW president and YM president take turns reading off the questions.   Each correct answer was rewarded with a small piece of candy.   We were pretty liberal with the candy and would reward them for close answers (especially for the ones with very specific numbers for answers).  We had a large group (about 40-50 youth) and I felt like the candy throwing was a good way to keep their attention.  

Short Discussion:  We talked briefly about showing support for missionaries and about the great work they do.  We had intended to also have a convert give a 2-minute spiel about how grateful they were for the missionaries who had found them, but we ran out of time. 

Letter Writing: 
(see pictures below) After the trivia game was complete, we talked briefly about supporting the missionaries, then wrote letters to those that were serving from our ward.  We have 9 missionaries currently serving from our ward, so we placed the long tables around the edge of the room, had a picture of each missionary hanging on the wall, then a large envelope with each missionary's name sitting on the table in front of the picture.  I distributed 4 quarter sheets of paper and a pen to each youth and asked that they write letters to 4 of the 9 missionaries. 

Missionary ID game:  (see picture below) I had ward members send me pictures of themselves as missionaries.  I printed  off the pictures  and put their name, their mission, and the years they served ON THE BACK, then hung them up on a wall.  It was great fun trying to identify the old pictures and perfect as a filler for those who finished early. 

Tie Tying (I had this planned as a filler activity, but didn't end up having time for it):  We'd divide into teams and have the girls (with only the boys' verbal instructions) tie a necktie.  Whichever team could do it the fastest would win. 

This was what we hung up on the walls around the room.  The pictures of the missionaries, with a "What can I write?" sheet  (see below) in between each one. 

Here you can see how we set up the tables in front of their pictures.  Large envelopes with each missionary's name were on the table in front of their pictures, so that the youth could place their letters in there as soon as they were done. 

I collected old missionary pictures from ward members and had them hung up on the wall.  It was great fun trying to identify who was who, before looking on the back where I'd labeled them with the name, mission, and years served.   

A glimpse at the letters for one of the missionaries:

Here is the printable version of the missionary trivia game:
LDS Missionary Trivia Game


I knew that some of the youth would think that they had nothing to write in their letters, so I hung up the following list of ideas by each table. 

 What can I write to the missionaries? 

Your favorite scripture

A recent missionary experience you’ve had

What you’ve been doing in school lately

How your sports’ season has gone

Ask about their mission

Spiritual insights you’ve had during seminary/Sunday lessons

Ask about who they’re teaching

Talk about current events—baseball playoffs, presidential debate (without getting political)

Share an appropriate joke

Something fun that you’ve done lately

A funny antic that your younger sibling or pet has done




Find out the answers to the personalized questions in the Missionary Trivia Game. 

Ask missionary parents for pictures of their missionaries and their current addresses.

Ask ward members for pictures of themselves as missionaries. 

Have sheets of paper cut into quarters.   I figured the smaller size would seem less intimidating to fill than entire sheets of paper. 

Gather enough pens for everyone.

  Print off some missionary clipart and provide scissors and glue for decorating the letters, for those who feel so inclined. 


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What a fun activity! Taking this idea to the class presidency meeting! Thank you for sharing!