Monday, March 28, 2011

Apostle Wheel and Latter-day Prophet Matching Game

Here are a couple of activities that we love for General Conference. 

Print two sets of the matching game and play as per a normal matching game.   Or for an extra challenge hand out a set of cards to each child and have them listen for each latter-day prophet's name mentioned during conference. As each name is mentioned, they can hang the picture on the wall (or add to a notebook or something)  You can have a special treat waiting when they've all been mentioned. 

Click here for an index of my ready-to-print FHE lessons and other activities!  Have a wonderful Conference weekend!

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Latter-day Prophet Matching Game

This Apostle Wheel is in my General Conference Activity Packet, but since it's buried in the middle, I thought I'd publish it by itself for those who don't want the whole packet.  My kids absolutely LOVE this apostle wheel and I like that it gives them practice recognizing the apostles faces  and names. 

Apostle Wheel


melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so very excited for conference weekend!!

Melanie said...

These are great resources! Thank you for sharing them- my kids will love the Apostle Wheel!

karen said...

My 4 year and 2 year old LOVE this wheel. Thanks for the matching game and all your great ideas!