Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baptism FHE Lesson

This is a great lesson for someone who will soon be baptized and with Adam's baptism  getting coming up  in just a couple of months, I decided it was finally time to tackle this hefty lesson.  I love how detailed the flannel board story about "What Happens When I am Baptized" is and I feel like it's been a very valuable tool at helping alleviate any concerns that my children may have about being baptized.  I also like how it goes over the covenants that are made at baptism. 

Don't forget to check out the Baptism Activity Booklet (below) as well for some fun coloring pages and simple activities.  They would be perfect to keep in the church bag. 

Click here to view the index of my other ready-to-print FHE lessons (with a new one published most Mondays).

Baptism FHE Lesson                                                            

Baptism Activity Booklet  

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Meeks said...

Thanks for this Lara! We are gearing up for our second daughter's baptism in Nov so this is perfect!

melissa said...

Thanks Lara! I'm excited to use this!

Lena Baron said...

WOW! Your blog is exactly what I'm looking for!! I am preparing my Gospel Studies home school curriculum. This is perfect. I'm actually having my oldest help me make FHE packets for future FHE lessons. Thanks again!

melissa said...

and two years later I'm coming back again for this lesson as we're preparing for my 2nd daughters baptism next Saturday and on Monday the FHE lesson is on me. This is perfect yet again... thank you for putting this all together Lara!


melissa said...

I guess it's almost 3 years later! crazy how time flies :)

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing!